No to the Palestine's party at French Consulate of Jerusalem

Mr. Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Mr. Hervé Magro, Ambassador of France in Palestine (Consul of France in Jerusalem),

Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel,

Gentlemen Israeli diplomats,


Whereas the Oslo agreements, which we just celebrated the 20e year, formally prohibits from a third State to install an embassy or a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem in order to uphold relations with the Palestinians, France has for long violated the terms of this peace agreement, while continuing to demand accountability from Israel.

Consulate of France in Jerusalem, located in the heart of Jewish-Jerusalem, is now the French diplomacy´s official organ regarding Ramallah. Recently, a Consulate diplomat, Marion Castaing, was filmed being assaulted by an Israeli soldier. A month earlier, a Consulate employee was expelled when doing traffic (phones, cigarettes, endorsable checks, gold) with at least one Arab mafia near Ramallah. And no need to mention the case of the Nazi salute at the Consular School of Jerusalem on the day of Yom HaShoah.

Gentlemen diplomats at the Quai d´Orsay, your Israeli counterparts were more than friendly when they didn´t expel de facto Marion Castaing and the headmaster of the school. And despite all the Jerusalemite largesse, France is willing to close officially its consulate in Jerusalem - knowing that 40.000 French of the capital of Israel might need it - in order to celebrate "the Palestinian national holiday". Is this a bad joke or just a terrible disrespect for the host country? Can France, whose economy is in bad shape, afford to pay all of its employees in a day that is not a public holiday in Israel (host country) or in France?

It´s still time to go back, gentlemen diplomats, and to have everyone work as usual, on November 15, as required by the legislation in force in France and Israel. And in case you decide to close, we, French citizens, want to be sure that the employees will not receive their salary on that day.

As for you, gentlemen Israeli diplomats, it is time to stop to stand still when such insults are made to your state by a country that calls itself "a friend". With such friends, Israel does not need Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad and others as neighbors...


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